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Application and data integration continues to be a pivotal part of Housing Authorities successfully providing rapidly expanding requirements from HUD and clients. Very few Housing Authorities have achieved full intregration across their various business systems and many have admitted a complete lack of intregration between any of their systems. Integrating disparete systems has historically been a challenge,and even today's more user-friendly based solutions require considerable integration with legacy systems and data sources. This is even more of an issue when it comes to tying in many of the systems together with a new generation of social applications that Housing clients are demanding. Mobizent provides the expertise to build or help Housing Authorites start building these interfaces. Mobizent has already tackled the effort to provide an interface into the existing Emphasys Elite solution and has an API that any of the existing housing applications can use to start providing the new solutions that Housing Authorities need.


providing mobile and back-office applications for housing agents                                                        


completely integrated solutions into Emphasys Elite and other apps                                                 


development,testing,installation and support for customization and new applications              

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